Jesuit Dallas - Ignatian Days

Our Spring Vos Parates Day is Live!

Please click the link to view our Spring Vos Parates Day for Wednesday, March 25, 2020. There is important information on each page including our opening school-wide Prayer Service, so make sure to navigate through the entire site and view all videos. From today forward, attendance will be taken by you opening and interacting with the daily emails from Jesuit Dallas. So, if you arrived at this site another way, please make sure to go back to your email after you are done going through the prayer service, survey, and important information.

Please note: If you are on a cell phone or an iPad, you may have to click to view videos in a new window. The site runs best on a PC/Mac, but you can still view it all on iPad/Mobile as well.

The Ignatian days, introduced in 2016 for Jesuit Dallas, are an opportunity for students and parents to engage in conversation away from the regular school day. These conversations were chosen specifically with the mission of our school in mind and our desire to continually form well-rounded, Christ-centered young men.

The Ignatian Days for past years can be found on the archives page including 2019-2020.