Jesuit Dallas - Ignatian Days

The Ignatian days, new in 2016-2017 for Jesuit Dallas, are an opportunity for students and parents to engage in conversation away from the regular school day. These conversations were chosen specifically with the mission of our school in mind and our desire to continually form well-rounded, Christ-centered young men.

2017-2018 Theme for our Ignatian Day program was Christian Relationships

Christian Relationships with Women

Christian Relationships with Others

Christian Relationships with Self: Addiction

On-site I-day on Addiction

On-site I-day on Social Media

"The theme that we have chosen for this year is “relationships” - how we interact with one another, both in and out of school. We began the year with a Prayer Service in which I challenged our students to heed the words of Pope Francis and be leaders who are: Humble, Empathetic, Tender, and Courageous. I am sharing this with you so that you may echo these ideas at home as well. These are traits that society does not always equate with leadership, but our argument for this year is that they are essential traits, and they lead us towards relationships grounded in a love that is modeled after Christ’s love for all of us. So please accept this as an invitation to join us in strengthening our relationships with each other by working every day to be individuals who embody these four traits: Humility, Empathy, Tenderness, and Courage.

Four years separate the Freshmen and the Seniors, and in those four years it is my hope and prayer for each of them that they will find opportunities to practice being humble, to practice feeling empathy, to practice treating others with tenderness, and to practice being courageous. Please join us in praying for them throughout their experience here. Enjoy the year. "

-Tom Garrison, Principal, September 2017 Parent's Newsletter

Ignatian Days 2016-2017

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