2020-2021 Onboarding

To help us provide a safe environment for our students, volunteers and employees are required to complete a brief training regimen each school year. Safe Environment training from other schools and institutions will not be accepted. No exceptions!

Please review all the training material below. Once you have finished, you may submit your training acknowledgements and safe environment assessment. Only scores of 80% or higher will be accepted. Once you have submitted an accepted score, you will be presented with a link to submit a background check screening form.

Your point of contact during this process is the faculty moderator for the activity or group. All questions should be directed to your moderator, but please allow 3-5 business days for processing before requesting an update on the background check.

Safe Environment Program Materials

Protecting Our Children: A Family's Response To Sexual Abuse

"Protecting Our Children: A Family's Response to Sexual Abuse" is a short documentary film shared with us by the Knights of Columbus. It is a deeply personal account of one family's response to the abuse of their son by a close family friend. The video also includes commentary by Dr. Monica Applewhite, an expert in abuse prevention. Dr. Applewhite not only outlines the scope and scale of the risk for abuse that families' face today, but also provides practical knowledge to help keep children safe and delivers needed guidance on how to respond when a child is harmed. Viewer discretion is advised.

Review the video's accompanying Guide For Families:

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Reporting Abuse and Neglect: A Guide For School Professionals

Review the following document:

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Materials

Review the following document:

Catholic Diocese of Dallas - Safe Environment Program Materials