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Count day tips for Zoom/Meet

Count Day Tips for Zoom/Google Meet

Video Conferencing Expectations (1).pdf
K-12 Video Conferencing Best Practices

K-12 Video Conferencing Best Practices


Zoom Showcase.mp4

Zoom Showcase

  1. Live Streaming

  2. Recording Lessons

  3. Connecting to Google Classroom, Seesaw & Schoology

Zoom on Chromebooks - Tips for Success for the JCISD Tech Consortium

Zoom on Chromebooks - Tips for Success


Getting Zoom Cloud Recordings To Your Google Drive

Setting Limits For the Chat Zoom.mp4

Setting Limts For a Zoom Chat


Recurring Meeting in Zoom

Setting Up Your Zoom to Teach a Lesson.mp4

Setting Up Zoom to Teach a Lesson

Join a Zoom Meeting

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video in a Zoom Meeting


Zoom iPad Showcase

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meetings Controls

Schedule Meetings with Zoom

Schedule Zoom Meetings with Google Calendar

Sharing Your Screen in Zoom

Zoom EDU: Turn on Sharing Controls Within Meeting

Zoom EDU: Turn on Participant Share Screen Option in Zoom Portal

Zoom EDU: Screen Share & Annotation


Take Attendance with Zoom Reports


Take Attendance with Zoom Chat

Zoom: Change a Student's Name in a Call

Zoom Breakout Rooms

zoom closed captioning.mp4

Zoom Closed Captioning(video)

Captioning Zoom

Zoom Closed Captioning(written directions)

Zoom: Accessibility Features

Google Meet

Google Meet - New Features & Tips for Success

Google Meet Tip Sheet


Enabling Distance Learning using Google Meet


Adding Chat and Meet to your Google Classroom

Google Meet: Take Attendance with Chat

Google Meet: Attendance with "Meet Attendance"

Goolge Meet - Host Controls.mp4

Google Meet Host Controls


Setting Up Recurring Meetings In Google Meet

Google Meet - Add an Interactive Whiteboard (Jam).mp4

Google Meet - Add an Interactive Whiteboard(Jam)

Google Teacher Center - Setting up a Google Meet with Colleagues

Google Teacher Center - Setting Up Digital Office Hours with Google Meet

Google Teacher Center - Adding Google Meet or Chat to Classroom

Google Teacher Center - Facilitating a Google Meet

Google Teacher Center - New Adaptive Meeting Layouts & Live Captions in Google Meet

Google Teacher Center - Using Google Meet Chat in Gmail

Google Teacher Center - How to Share your Screen in Google Meet