About us

THE History

The JCI Nordic Academy was created and held the first time in the year 2000 in Finland, and has since been held every year in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Academy is a leadership academy designed by and for the Nordic Group in Junior Chamber International consisting of JCI Denmark, JCI Estonia, JCI Finland, JCI Iceland, JCI Latvia, JCI Lituania, JCI Norway and JCI Sweden.

The academy is arranged each year in turn in one of the Nordic countries in the following order:

2019 - Norway 2023 - Latvia

2020 - Sweden 2024 - Lituania

2021 - Estonia 2025 - Finland

2022 - Iceland 2026 - Denmark

ouR Goals

The purpose of the Nordic Academy is to:

  • prepare participants for national leadership positions in their respective national organization in JCI
  • strengthen the close relationship and strategic cooperation between the national organizations in the Nordic Group
  • increase the participant's knowledge of JCI, leadership skills, and strategic partnership


The framework for the Nordic Academy is based on the Golden Circles three pilars:


The academy is guiding participants through these pilars with focus on three lines of content:

* Teambuilding & Knowledge Generation *

* Nordic & National Perspective *

* Internal & External Strategic Partnerships *

Common starting ground and purpose

Applying next level leadership tools & skills

Nordic collaboration projects & partnerships