JMS National Junior Honor Society

About Us

National Junior Honor Society is the leader among organizations and societies that promote appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service.

Membership Requirements

The Faculty Council, consisting of five faculty members approved by the principal, is responsible for selecting new members to the NJHS.

The chapter advisors are non-voting members of the Faculty Council.

The Faculty Council develops and revises, when necessary, all chapter procedures for selection, disciplining, and dismissal of members.

Members are inducted in a spring ceremony, only. To be eligible for consideration for membership, the candidate must have attended Jarrell Middle School the equivalent of one full semester. Since Jarrell Middle School does not compute numerical cumulative grade point averages, the qualification to apply for membership will be all As or seven As and one B. For 6th graders (rising 7th graders), grades are considered from 1st semester of 6th grade; for 7th graders (rising 8th graders), grades are considered from 1st and 2nd semester of 7th grade).

Students will not be considered for membership if they have received any negative comments from teachers about citizenship for the current school year. Students who have been assigned to ISS, OSS, AEP, Detention, Wednesday School, or Saturday School in the current school year will not be considered for membership in the NJHS.

Students meeting these academic and citizenship requirements will then be considered for membership based on service, leadership, and character. Each candidate must complete an application packet.

Candidates with complete packets must receive a majority vote of the Faculty Council to be selected for membership in the NJHS.

Five Qualities of Membership

Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection for membership is by majority vote of the faculty council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, service and citizenship.

  • Scholarship - a commitment to learning and charge to continually expand their world through opportunities inherent in scholarship.

  • Service - a willingness to volunteer and work for the benefit of those in need without compensation or recognition.

  • Leadership - an important influence in our school community, self-confidence to go forward when others hesitate.

  • Citizenship - the responsibility to live up to the laws and guidelines that the founders of our country have given us.

  • Character - a force within each individual which distinguishes that person from others as they display making the right choices daily.


The chapter meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month (when school is in session) in Mrs. Keith's room, Room 109. Other special meetings may also be called during the school year.

Members are expected to join the society's Google Classroom and check for announcements regularly.

Member Responsibilities


1. Regular attendance at meetings and the induction ceremony is required.
2. General meetings will be held
on the first Tuesday of each month during the school year.

3. Members must join the JMS NJHS Google Classroom, as this classroom is one of primary means of communication.
4. In accordance with the By-Laws, failure to attend meetings without prior approval from the advisor(s) may result in probation or impending dismissal from the chapter. In particular, when a member incurs his/her first unexcused absence from a chapter meeting, he/she will be placed on probation. If there is a second offense, it could result in dismissal from NJHS.

Scholarship and Character

1. Members must maintain a
n overall "94" average for each grading period.
2. Members may not have any individual class grade below
3. The Faculty Council has determined that only
one period of probation will be permitted for academic improvement during a student’s membership in the chapter of NJHS. When a member’s GPA falls below the required "94" average for a particular grading period, they will be placed on probation. If there is a second offense, it will result in grounds for dismissal from NJHS.
4. ISS, Saturday School, OSS, and DAEP assignments related/but not limited to behavior infractions are grounds for dismissal from NJHS.


1. Under the NJHS guidelines, each chapter must do service projects in which each member must be actively involved. In addition, each student shall have the responsibility of choosing and participating in individual service projects which reflect his/her own particular talents and interests. Services rendered for which students do not receive a grade or money as payment qualify for community service hours.
Members are required to submit documentation of community service monthly. A link to the documentation sheet is in the NJHS Google Classroom.
3. Students may accumulate more service hours each nine weeks than required, but service hours can not carry over to the following nine weeks.
4. Up to six hours acquired during the summer may be applied towards the 1st nine weeks requirement.
5. If the member does not complete the required service hours for a nine week period, he/she will be placed on probation for the next nine weeks. If there is a second offense, it will result in grounds for dismissal from NJHS.


Chapter Advisors

Ben Danner Fawn Keith Cheryl Collie

October, 2022 Meeting of JMS NJHS