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JHS has been designated a No Place for Hate campus for the 2020-2021 school year!

Visit this site for all things related to the CTE programs in JISD.

Vaping Prevention

May 13 is Preventing Youth Tobacco Use Day.

Welcome to the JHS Counselor Page. Check back frequently for updates and information.

This is National Children's Mental Health Week. WEAR GREEN on Thursday to show your support!

We ARE Jarrell!

No Place for Hate

Activity 2 - Our students came up with things that made them different from their friends. Here is a compilation of their responses.

Electoral College

No Place for Hate - Activity 3

What is the Electoral College? Where did it come from? Why do we use it? What are your thoughts?

Course Verification!

It is now time to access your Course Requests for next year. Please read all of these instructions.

In order to access 2021-2022 course requests, you MUST create your Student Portal account. Use the link below for directions to create your Student Portal account.

Beside Course Requests Units Remaining: it should say "0". Click the Course Request tab. You will see the courses you have requested. Each student should have 18 UNITS.


Please remember that you are required to take 1 credit of PE, 2 credits of Languages Other than English, 1 credit of a fine art, 1 credit of Business Information Management (BUSIM1), .5 credit of Professional Communications (PROFCOMM), and .5 credit of Dollars & Sense (FINANCE LIT) before graduating.

Make sure you use the JISD Course Selection 2021-2022 Guide for information on classes that are offered and prerequisites.

If you need to make any changes, you must email your high school counselor, by April 2nd.

Last Names A-L - angela.entrekin@jarrellisd.org

Last Names M-Z - maria.garcia@jarrellisd.org

Thank you!

Brag Sheets? YES!

What is a Brag Sheet?

This is where you list your accomplishments, challenges you have overcome, and plans for the future.

If you are a Junior, now is the time to create a brag sheet.

Sophomores, Freshmen, and middle schoolers, it is not too early for you to start!

Begin keeping track of volunteer hours, extracurricular activities, sports, accomplishments, academic honors, and anything else that will help build your resume/applications. You can do this using the link below, written in a notebook, on your phone, on your computer, wherever you feel most comfortable. However, if you do keep it electronically, make sure you back it up so that you do not lose it if something happens to your device. You do not want to forget any of the great things you have done.

Accomplishment Form

Why is this important?

In order for your counselor to write a letter of recommendation for you, she needs information about you and what you have done.


If you have not already completed a brag sheet, please complete the link below. If you do already have one, please make sure to share it with your counselor (Last names A-L- Mrs. Entrekin, Last names M-Z- Dr. Garcia, ALL students- Ms. Watson).

Brag Sheet

JHS is No Place for Hate.

The Cougars' Pledge is posted in the rotunda and the cafeteria.

Identity and Diversity across Generations

No Place for Hate Activity #2

Please review the powerpoint and complete the activities in your grade level Google Classroom. The last day for submission is February 16.

Check out some of the virtual spaces that JHS Cougars created for our No Place for Hate Activity #1.

Fill out the following form to select the courses you would like to take next year. Use the Jarrell Course Guide to help you select your courses. You may only submit ONE form.

Complete the following steps to select the best courses for you:

*Talk to your current teachers for advice on which courses to take.

*Check prerequisites in the Jarrell ISD Course Guide, so you select classes that you are eligible to take.

*Go to the Virtual Elective Fair to get more information about available programs.

*Take into account graduation requirements. In order to graduate, you are required to take 4 years of each: English, math, science, and social studies; 1 credit of PE; 2 credits of Languages Other than English; 1 credit of a fine art; 1 credit of Business Information Management; .5 credit of Professional Communications; and .5 credits of Dollars & Sense (these all must be high school credit classes to fulfill the requirements).

This needs to be completed by January 31.

My Own Virtual Space Lesson

No Place for Hate Activity #1

Please review the PowerPoint and go to your Grade Level Google Classrooms to complete the activity. If you have any questions, ask your Advocate teacher or Mrs. Entrekin.

Please sign the No Place for Hate Pledge.

Stay tuned for our upcoming No Place for Hate activities.

Welcome to the 2021 Spring Semester Cougars!

Please make sure you check Parent Portal for your spring semester schedules. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor. Thank you.

Suicide Prevention Month