About Jane

Jane Conquest is an Austin-based writer, illustrator, photographer, and more. She is best known for her completed novels "See Her", "XO", "Complex", and "Two" , as well as her lengthy comic books "March", "Bones", and "Cobra" . On the popular writing website Wattpad , she is known as user Jane_Conquest (8,000+ followers), JaneConquestBackup (100,000+ followers, inactive), and JCBRefugee (2,000+ followers).

When the JaneConquestBackup profile was still active, these were the most popular books on the profile:

  • Zodiac Signs I (21,000,000+ views)
  • Texts (14,000,000+ views)
  • Puns (9,550,000+ views)

JaneConquestBackup (most commonly referred to as JCB) was Conquest's main platform for her fandom, the Conquerors. It was more social media-centered, with compilations of her favorite facts, quotes, and much more, but also featured her professional novels "See Her" and "Complex". Her more professional profile, Jane_Conquest, is used less for reader interaction, and more for publishing her novels.

When the JaneConquestBackup profile became inactive due to a dispute with Wattpad HQ, Jane created JCBRefugee to reupload her books for her fans.