About Jane

Jane Conquest is an Austin-based writer, illustrator, photographer, and more. She is best known for her completed novels "See Her", "XO", "Complex", and "Two" , as well as her lengthy comic books "March", "Bones", and "Cobra" . On the popular writing website Wattpad, she was known as user Jane_Conquest (8,400+ followers, inactive), JaneConquestBackup (108,000+ followers, inactive), and JCBRefugee (1,000+ followers, inactive).

When the JaneConquestBackup profile was still active, these were the most popular books on the profile:

  • Zodiac Signs I (21,000,000+ views)
  • Texts (14,000,000+ views)
  • Puns (9,550,000+ views)

JaneConquestBackup (most commonly referred to as JCB) was Conquest's main platform for her fandom, the Conquerors. It was more social media-centered, with compilations of her favorite facts, quotes, and much more, but also featured her novels "See Her" and "Complex". Many JCB books can now be found in the "Fun Books" page of this website.

Her more professional profile, Jane_Conquest, was used less for reader interaction, and more for publishing her novels. These books can be found under the "Published Novels" and "Links" pages of this website.

When the JaneConquestBackup profile became inactive due to a dispute with Wattpad HQ, Jane created JCBRefugee to reupload her books for her fans. After all 3 profiles became inactive, Jane migrated here, to janeconquest.com, full-time.