James Wachob

James is a native Memphian, with 15 years of experience helping investors buy, sell and manage properties in the Memphis and Nashville areas. As a Real Estate Broker and investor, he has helped clients from around the world invest in single family, multi-family, and new construction properties. James is dedicated to supplying our clients with income-producing properties. Our mission at Memphis Investment Properties is offering complete turn-key service, new construction, and residential single-family properties for local and foreign real estate investors. With our hands on approach, we provide full service care from our exceptional management team by using our professional techniques specializing in the marketing and maintenance of property management. We are committed to ensuring successful and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Aaron Chapman

an 18 year veteran to the finance industry came into the field from Mining, Heavy Equipment Operation, Welding and long haul truck driving. Since entering the finance industry his clientele has ranged from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home or investing in multiple properties for long term cash flow. His expertise is in the complicated. If the client is willing to go to the extent needed to accomplish the goal of a completed transaction, they have a finance industry battle worn partner to walk thru the tough parts of a transaction with them.

In addition to a career in real estate finance Aaron is very happily married to his wife of 19 years with 4 children. Aaron and his wife both take great pride in watching their children mature and make calculated decisions about their lives with their parents coaching. The hind sight education is openly discussed and both parent and child benefit from such conversation.

A drive to contribute to the community and provide their children with a service oriented example took Aaron and his wife to joining the Pinal County Sheriff’s office volunteer Rescue Unit. They are both Team leaders within the Unit with designations as EMT (his wife is a Paramedic), Off Road , Technical Rescuers as well as the Air Rescue Unit. Their team experiences in excess of 50 rescues each year. In recent years they were called on to participate in several high profile rescues. One of which received international media attention for the rescue of a Base Jumper caught on a cliff face where Aaron was sent 680 feet down the cliff to retrieve the suspended jumper.

Kelsey Dineen

Kelsey Dineen is originally from Fort Myers, FL. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus on Economics from the University of Florida. She also has the designation of CISP (Certified IRA Services Professional) from the Institute of Certified Bankers. After joining Midland IRA in 2010, her focus has been to educate investors on the benefits of tax strategies such as self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges. Dineen’s focus is sales/investor relationship development. Her goal is to explain how these tax strategies can benefit both investors and capital fundraisers.

Gary Pinkerton

Gary is a Wealth Strategist and real estate investor who teamed up with Patrick Donohoe at Paradigm Life to help families put in place alternative, insurance-based financial planning solutions. He is passionate about real estate investing, personal financial education and wealth accumulation - his mission is centered on creating financial options for families, helping people restore certainty, control and enjoyment to their lives. He believes financial education coupled with traditional, foundational tools can enable communities to get back to the roots of the local economy that made America great - each family having a business that provides dependable cash flow and wealth for them and that adds value to their community. Gary has been funding his real estate down payments with Infinite Banking loans since 2011, originally learning about the concept as a client of Paradigm Life. He is extremely proud to have dozens of successful real estate investor clients that he has helped replicate his model over the past 4 years.

Gary grew up on a dairy farm in Murphysboro, Illinois, quickly learning to appreciate the importance of hard work, high standards and integrity. He applied these lessons to a 25 year career in the US Navy’s Nuclear Submarine program after graduating from the Naval Academy in 1991 and the University of Illinois graduate engineering program in 1993. Gary commanded the 135 member crew of the USS TUCSON (SSN 770), a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine, deploying to the Western Pacific before retiring to focus on wealth management in 2016. He loves pursuing excellence in health, fitness and personal development, and working on and racing anything with a motor on it! Gary and his wife, Sue - the family's new Real Estate Professional, live on the New Jersey coast with their two sons, Jake and Ryan.

Weekend Schedule

Thursday Oct. 5th, 2017

6pm VIP Dinner at Central BBQ on Summer Avenue

Friday Oct. 6th, 2017

8- 9am Breakfast at the MIP Campus: Bagels, Pastries, Coffee, Juice

9am Speakers: Memphis real estate market

and long term cash flow options for out of state investors

using leverage options to expand your portfolio

12pm Lunch provided at the MIP Campus

1pm - 5pm Speakers: Innovative tax strategies that can benefit

both investors and capital fundraisers.

5:30pm Bus departs for downtown

Appetizers and Cocktails on the roof of the Madison Hotel

Saturday Oct. 7th, 2017

8a-9am Breakfast at the MIP Campus: Breakfast rolls, fruit, coffee, Juice

9am Bus leaves MIP Campus for the tour of homes.

1pm Back to the office to debrief and eat lunch at the MIP Campus

Catered by Luchessi's

6pm Dinner with the Pros:

Sunday Oct. 8th, 2017

Flights out