About us

Meet the team that sold NZD$400 million worth of properties in Auckland!

At James Law Realty, we pride ourselves at our innovative marketing strategy and the use of high-end technological advancements to generate success.

We are the most efficient real estate company in Auckland and our results are the best indicator of our claim! Despite operating in a very competitive market, our team has outperformed our competitors multiples times. In one instance, we sold 50 times more sections than our competitor at a 10th of their marketing budget. In another instance, a competitor who had a project several weeks ahead of us called the vendor to reduce their asking price, whilst the vendor was already at our office signing over 40 contracts with higher prices. Make no mistake, these are some of the biggest names in real estate!

James Law Realty is one of the pioneers in international marketing of New Zealand real estate. James Law’s international project marketing team has set up and established a tight network of partners and branch offices in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Tahiti to sell New Zealand real estate overseas.

To date, James Law Realty has successfully sold down over hundreds of millions worth of New Zealand real estate overseas.