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My name is Jake Bannerman, a dark horror and suspense author, a suicide survivor, and a community volunteer! 

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 My Mission

I venture into the terrifying corners of horror - think 'American Horror Story' meets 'The Twilight Zone,’ with a splash of non-linear chaos.

Over the years, I've authored four novels, three novellas, and a myriad of horror shorts, each one more haunting than the last. But my writing serves a purpose beyond the thrill. 

My project, 'Horror with Heart,’ aims to shed light on a cause dear to me: Suicide Prevention. 

It's a call to arms for writers, readers, and activists alike to transform the stigmatized world of mental health care.

All my gains from the digital books go to charities that actively work for suicide prevention.


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Discover Jake's array of horrifying narratives! Each tale, a carefully constructed labyrinth of fear, awaits brave explorers ready to confront their deepest terrors. 

Uncover the secrets lurking within these pages, each more thrilling than the last. 

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Author Autopsy: A Menu Of The Macabre

Welcome to a banquet of the bizarre and terrifying - this is no ordinary anthology, but instead a 'Menu Of The Macabre". Each delicacy on offer is a first chapter from Jake's books, including an exclusive taste of "The Stillborn Divine 2: The Butcher's Hook," yet to be released. 

As a special treat, this book includes two new short stories and the unreleased "Burnt Blood Love 1&2."