J.A. Elementary Physical Education

Hello J.A. Jaguars!! We are the elementary physical education team! Mrs. Sumarsam will be teaching Kindergarten through 2nd grade and Mrs. Carey will be teaching 3rd through 6th grade. Our goal for this year is to make physical education enjoyable for your children by giving them many different opportunities for growth. Physical education should not only be educational but FUN for all students! On this website you will find:

  • Our physical education philosophy
  • Physical education lesson format
  • Grading and expectations
  • Shoes! Water! Sunscreen!
  • Colorado state physical education and health standards

We look forward to a FUN and ACTIVE school year!

Mrs. Carey

J.A. Elementary P.E. Teacher Grades 3-6

Email: tcarey@jajags.com

Mrs. Sumarsam

J.A. Elementary P.E. Teacher Grades K-2

Email: msumarsam@jajags.com