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Math is all around us. It encompasses our lives daily. It can be seen in nature and technology. It is pervasive while remaining relatively unseen.

Discrete Math -

Class Codes

2nd - yxx3ny

4th - zyjs7x

7th - tyhjdrs

Discrete Math is a course designed as a continuation & extension of the two courses that precede it. Topics explored in the 1st year of Algebra and Geometry courses are continued on a more advanced and extensive level. Students will examine attitudes and behaviors that contribute to academic success, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility. Successful students will be actively engaged in learning and respectful of the academic atmosphere. Students will learn 1) families of functions including polynomial, absolute value, radical, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions. 2) solving problem situations requiring the usage of trigonometric equations and identities 3) representing numbers and relations algebraically and graphically to solve for some unknown value. Patterns and multicultural insights, real-life applications, and use of more advanced technology are interspersed throughout this course.

Quantitative Analysis -

Class Codes

1st - arj2ke

6th - bh6vav0

Emphasis is on concepts rather than in-depth coverage of traditional statistical methods. Topics include sampling and experimentation, descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and normal distributions, and estimation. The main focus of the course will be exploring data, planning a study, producing models using probability theory, and making statistical inferences. Students will use multiple representations to present data including written descriptions, numerical statistics, and formulas. Additional topics will be selected from the textbook as needed.