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Japanese scientists may have found a breakthrough method of providing energy to the country.

Photographs of post-war Berlin during the 1950s. During this time, Germany was primarily occupied by the United States and the Soviet Union.

Christopher Rodriguez spent his 19th birthday aiding those affected in his hometown by Hurricane Maria.


Apple has released its iPhone X for sale.

Sony is bringing back "Aibo," the famous robot dog that was unveiled in 1999, but discontinued in 2006. It is making its comeback with new features.

As it turns out, the water-proof device is not meant to be read while underwater.

Wacky & Weird

A man in China broke 302 in walnuts in 55 seconds with his bare hands, absolutely smashing a Guinness World Record.

Wildlife rescuers in Australia hoisted a soggy kangaroo out of a reservoir after it jumped into the water while trying to evade capture.

A Singapore man's crayfish get out of his bag and attempt to make a great escape through the subway.


Beyoncé will be a part of Disney's upcoming live-action version of its beloved animated film, "The Lion King," the company announced on Wednesday.

Tyrese Gibson, a long time member of the Fast franchise, is threatening to leave the screen.

A review of the new movie in the Thor franchise.