Community Projects and Academic Support

Community Projects

  • NexSTEM scholarship recipients will begin their college careers engaged in multi-semester, collaborative research projects that are accessible to beginning students.
  • The projects will serve not-for-profit agencies; students can take pride in serving their community!
  • Student/Faculty research teams will meet weekly to work on their projects.
  • Students will gain early, practical experience and earn academic credit for their efforts.

Academic Support

  • Each NexSTEM scholar will be matched with a faculty mentor shortly after being awarded a scholarship. The faculty mentor will be a resource during the high school to college transition and onward through degree completion.
  • NexSTEM scholars will have extra orientation activities to form community with one another and STEM faculty.
  • Each NexSTEM scholar will have a upper-level student mentor.
  • First and second year scholars will be required to participate in group study tables where they can learn from one another and upper division students.
  • Through joint HCC/ISU/IWU activities, scholarship recipients will form a professional/social network that spans the three campuses.