Dolphins U.S. History

American Imperialism I

American Imperialism I

Travel Project Research Handout 1

Industrialization Test Review

  1. Click on the link above, " Industrialism Digital Notebook", then click make a copy.
  2. Use the internet and/or your notes to complete the digital notebook.
  3. Make sure to submit your completed notebook in Google Classrooms.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Unit 3: Industrialization


Industrial Revolution - Pros vs. Cons Position Paper Assignment

  1. View Industrial Revolution - Pros vs. Cons and record pros and cons on your Industrial Revolution - Pros vs. Cons - Chart.
  2. Read the Industrial Revolution - Pros vs. Cons Writing Assignment.
    • When everyone finishes step 1, we will read together the citizen responses and assignment rubric.
  3. Respond to the question: Overall, was the Industrial Revolution a positive event in history or a negative event?
  4. Using Google Docs, write a letter to the local newspaper editor in which you MUST do the following:
    • Explore the issue of the positive and negative aspects of the Industrial Revolution.
    • Analyze various points of view on the issue.
    • Explain and defend your position on the issue.
    • Support your point of view using your understanding of social studies.
  5. Share your letter with TWO peers and give each other feedback and comment on each others letters.
  6. Review the feedback and comments by your peers and make the necessary changes for your final draft.
  7. Submit your final draft into Google Classroom by adding your letter as an attachment to the assignment and click turn-in.

Industrial Revolution - Pros vs. Cons Position Paper Instructions

Industrial Revolution - Pros vs. Cons Writing Assignment.pdf


Industrialization: BIG Business Lesson


Warm-Up 3.pdf
Industrialization: Big Business

Slide Presentation

Slide Notes

Industrialization- BIG Business (Student).pdf


Standard Oil Political Cartoon Analysis

JD Rock Political Cartoon BIO WKSHT.pdf

Industrialism DBQ I

Rockefeller and Carnegie Primary Source Analysis WS.pdf