Grass Head

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Grass Head

The portrait is a cast from a rubber mould taken from a clay sculpture of an imagined person. Again, I have tried to use signifiers for masculinity - moustache, beard and a stern look in his eyes, but mitigated with them being half closed and with the addition of the mad hair made from natural, domestic, rural and disruptive influence of a tuft of dead grass.

He is an odd combination of traditional treatment of sculpture bust and shoulders (made from thermalite) and the contemporary irreverence of an extreme hair cut.

The original sculpture was bold - as another sign of male predicament - however, the whole piece has a slightly jovial and less serious than initially intended.

The cast is made in plaster and the addition of the thermalite changes the position the head was originally made to sit in. I thought I could eventually cast it in bronze but still use natural material for the crest of hair. The reference to American indigenous tribal hair or the roman helmet plumage is also adding fun.