Under the Thumb

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Under the Thumb

This is quite a small sculpture but has a lot of presence... It is slightly on the cliche side but it is fun and makes me chuckle to myself when I see it. Over the years I seem to have become much more serious and have lost a lot of my more humorous side of making so I was pleased to have a bit of a play with this one.

The pieces was made by carving out a figure in sponge, dunking it in Jezmonite and holding it up until it sets. This takes a bit of time - just waiting for it to go off but it is worth it. The sponge is heavy and the weight makes it sag in a particular way that is quite interesting and makes use of gravity in the making process - all the better for making it look plausible as an object rather then forced and laboured.

The way the figure set then lent itself to playing around with and the thumb on top of it was an afterthought that made use of this particular pose.

The sculpture is then spray painted, not just to homogenise the surface but it also strengthens the structure that can be quite brittle when set.

The piece is now mounted on a small wooden block, looking quite precarious in the way it leans, and adding to the idea of buckling under the pressure. The figure is now arrested in a a perpetual pose of nearly falling over and being squashed by the giant thumb.