Steel Man

Steel Man - Sold

This is a 6 foot figure assembled from scrap metal, art povera style. There is a hint to steam punk figures as well as the idea of making something out of nothing - transforming a useless mass of debris into a coherent and convincing figure.

The intention is to get a fairly accurate overall shape of a male figure, loosely based on my own. All of the figures I am making at the moment are being built for the purpose of the final module of my MA degree I am completing this September (2019). They will all form a body of work investigating a personal view of masculinity that is expressed by posing the figure in a way that I would stand myself and with the head slightly bowed to indicate non aggressive stance, introspective approach and a vulnerability through a particular inward twist of one of the feet. This is particularly significant to me as I frequently have that stance and it is a recognisable pose for me. I am trying to evoke a masculine look that is non toxic by using a material that would signify maleness but the overall look is that one of passive compliance, beaten down and insular, introvert activity.