by Željko Ivanković


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Found Materials, straw and mud, 160cm tall

Wire Man

Welded Steel rod, 195cm tall

Welded Steel, 195cm tall

Bronze (1), plaster (1) and fired earth (97), 10-15cm dia. heads


Ceramic (brick clay) high fired,

35cm tall

Plaster, ornamental grass and thermalite block, 50cm tall

Wise Old Man

Ceramic (brick clay), high fired,

35cm tall

Portland Stone carving, 40cm diameter


Plaster and dried vine tendrils,

35cm dia.

Sponge and Flashing, 25cm tall

Roman Head

Bronze and nail, 10cm tall

Wall plaster and slate dust, 5cm dia. hundreds of individual heads individually mounted and changeable configuration

Sand and Cement, 45 cm tall

Plaster and dried hedgerow flowers, 35cm dia.


Bronze, 15cm tall

Wire frame and flashing, 35cm tall, group of 7 sculptures

Borg Queen

Wealden Sandstone, 60cm tall

Wire, steel, dried Mayflower,

35cm tall


Portland Stone carving, 60cm tall


Glazed Stoneware, 50cm tall

Sponge and Jezmonite, 30cm tall

Half an Apple

Painted Steel, 200cm dia.


Slate Resin on Portland stone base, 50cm tall

Hart's Tongue Fern

Powedercoated steel, 1 in a series of 2, 195cm tall


Oak and Steel, 180cm tall


Cornish Polyphant carving, steel and brick, 25cm tall

Hand (of the maker)

Plaster, steel and flashing, 30cm long


Trowel and nail, bronze and nail,

25cm tall, pair


Brick, chain, trowell fixings, 25cm tall