Green on Red

Size approximately 60x45cm. Oil on Canvas

Even though I am predominantly a sculptor I do occasionally (and on request) paint. My preferred medium is oils as it is quite forgiving and versatile.

This painting is a reaction to the practice of colour application to create form, mood and depth by the use of formalist tropes of brush marks, pallet knives and blending to remove focus. Painting for the sake of painting - using the old established and recognised form of paint application on a 2D surface, will never go out of fashion although invention is quite hard to do as it has 'all been done before'.

Red, Black and Yellow

Size approximately 60x45cm. Hammerite on Canvas

This detail of a painting is largely a reaction to the mannerisms of painting that emulate Pollock's dribble paintings but developed into a style that I could call my own.

The choice of paint as the material and the method of painting produces quite intricate patterns and plenty of detail that you can engage with.

It is unlikely that I will paint like this again, making these two pieces stand out on their own .

Black in Yellow

Size approximately 60x45cm. Hammerite on Canvas

The colours of the wasp make this image somewhat threatening to me and quite macho but the subtle lines as the paint moved across the canvas is enough to ride over that feeling and enjoy the swirling mass. The closer you look the more you see and it was a difficult decision to make, to stop when I did as I think there is a fine balance of it turning into a blob of green as black and yellow are mixing together. Even the areas of the painting where the paint is nearly fully mixed are still interesting to look at and explore.