Career Exploration

There are several resources available to students who wish to explore career options while still in high school. All students at University High have access to a website called Naviance, which allows students to explore various careers and colleges. Naviance provides different assessments students can take to discover careers that may be suited for their interests, personality, and goals. Many activities with Naviance are used in class and in lessons with the counselors or Mrs. Gatlin, but students are free to search for careers and read about educational requirements, job descriptions, and see average salary rates in each state.

There are also several resources available that are provided by Coastline ROP and other groups in Orange County. In most ROP classes, teachers discuss educational requirements, career paths, and the skills necessary for careers. Look through the resources below to explore various post-secondary education and career options.

The University High College & Career Center also holds a Career Fair each Spring in the Crossroads, where representatives from different companies and colleges in Orange County come and speak with students. Be on the lookout for information for future events!


Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.


This website allows you to search for occupations, view salary and employment outlook information by state, and learn about the tasks, work environment and education needed.

Orange County Community College Career Matrix

This PDF shows each industry sector and the degree and certificate programs offered at every community college in Orange County.

2016 Coastline ROP Labor Market Study

This handy guide includes ROP courses in each of the industry sectors and related job pathways, as well as employment outlook information and projections for the year 2022 and detailed job descriptions. There is also a detailed infographic explaining the skills gap that is affecting employment opportunities throughout the country.

UNI College & Career Site

Students and parents can explore the various options that students have for careers as they are progressing through high school.

Other Career Interest Resources

Career Pathways by Industry Sector Presentation.pptx