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Link Crew is a transition program to assist new students and freshmen in acclimating to the Irvine High School culture. Link Crew is a student mentor program run by students for students. Irvine prides itself on the demonstration of values – IHS (Integrity, Honor, and Social Responsibility). Growing from that philosophy, Irvine High School strives to provide new students with the social and academic support and guidance they need to succeed at school.

Community Service / Volunteer Hours

Community service is not a requirement for an IUSD high school diploma. However, many Irvine High students participate in a wide range of volunteer service to demonstrate their commitment to their school and local community. It is suggested, for students participating in community service, to maintain a record of these activities. In any given year prior to graduation during which 25 or more hours of community service are completed and documented, a notation will be indicated on the student’s Irvine High School transcript. Community service is often viewed favorably for scholarship consideration and on college applications. Students can learn more information about Community Service on the Irvine High School website.