My Life

December 5, 2016.

I will tell you about my life. Today I was having fun at school. At school I was playing with my friends at recess and lunch. Then I went to IPAC and it was fun. But not at homework time because I have a lot of homework. Then I got sour gummy worms. Then I went home.

December 6, 2016

This life was awesome because I was singing "No Money". If you sing this song tell me or you go to Woodbury elementary school, you can tell me. And its my little brother birthday! So about my life I went to school. We had a substitute teacher. She was kinda nice. Then we went to the computer lab. Then we went to IPAC. It was so much fun. Then my mom picked me up early. Then we play on the playground.

December 7, 2016

It was kinda good because we had Miss. Doo. And we earned our party for earning all the stones. So this is how I earned our party at the end of the day. So we went to our line. At the end of the day I was playing on the computer because I got the computer passed. So I was playing Nitro Type. you can watch it here.

January 10. 2017

It was amazing at the first, now its not because its Jason Jungoo. I hate him so much. Right now im singing no money. So i did just went to Ipac and its cool. Jason Jungoo left. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Claire gaved me money. BEST DAY EVER #BDE aka best day ever

February 7, 2017

when I went to Ipac i got some Doritos for snack time. then I did homework. once I went outside In the swings I think I almost died. that was fun. i met denis too. JK and this is my second favorite is closer