Advancement Credit Recovery Enrichment

A.C.E. Courses for Summer

For Parents


Students can choose from a wide selection of core and elective courses. Our certified and highly qualified teachers provide assignment grading and feedback, including live support through a flexible online interface. It’s a great option for high-achieving students to earn additional credits toward high school graduation.

Credit Recovery

We can help your students complete courses to help them get caught up.

Odysseyware Academy partners with LIU 12 who wants to provide a turnkey, online learning solution for students in search of credit recovery.




Help your students prevent summer learning loss. Odysseyware Academy bridges education gaps in math and language arts with SPARK courses for grades K - 8. Using assessment tools that create individualized prescriptive learning paths. Spark provides each student with efficient and targeted skills practice and remediation.


For your 9-12 grade students Odysseyware Academy offers on-line core, elective and CTE courses. Keystone courses are also offered in science, math and language arts which aid in strengthening students skills in anticipation of the Pennsylvania Keystone Exams.


Social Emotional Learning

Ripple Effects makes it real by providing trauma-informed, culturally responsive, personalized, evidence-based, digital tools for delivery of social-emotional-behavioral supports and training. Each user can enter through the door of their most pressing concern. A highly accomplished, multi-disciplinary Advisory Board and widely diverse group of Student Contributors help us figure out what to do, and how, and when.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does it work?

Do I have to be online certain days or times?

Beyond the Traditional

Anyplace. Anywhere. Anytime between June 10th and July 26th. Your student can learn at their own pace at home, on the road, or anywhere there's an Internet connection! Removing the walls of the traditional classroom, Odysseyware Academy's online curriculum is an Internet-based, media-rich curriculum that can be accessed 24/7 through any personal computer (PC) or a Macintosh® with an Internet connection.

Is there a live teacher?

Lessons Come Alive

Bringing lessons to life, Odysseyware Academy provides an enriching, engaging mixture of 21st century technology that encourages students of all learning styles to explore! Full-color graphics and interactive multimedia elements like videos, slide shows, and audio files provide multi-dimensional understanding that no book can provide. Imagine your student watching, hearing, and experiencing a lesson instead of just reading it! Your student will have access to a teacher via Odysseyware Academy's academic hotline, scheduled office hours and a Virtual Office through Blackboard Collaborate.

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