10 NOVEMBER 2023 TO 11 JANUARY 2024

Festive giving for the migrant worker community during the yuletide season

ItsRainingRaincoats’ Christmas Giving Drive is back for the sixth year running! Singaporeans and residents from all walks of life can donate wrapped Christmas presents to migrant workers to show our collective appreciation for their hard work building the nation as well as forging strong community bonds.

Each year, companies, schools, community centres, condominiums, families and individuals come together to buy, wrap and donate presents, as well as help hand out these presents to the migrant workers in person. Often we have small celebrations at the worksites or dormitories, where along with gifts, our volunteers bring food, drinks and Christmas cheer right to the migrant brothers’ doorstep. This year, we're back at inspIRRe and we plan to do much more. 

There are many ways in which individuals and groups can get involved this year:

1. Drop off wrapped presents

You can drop off wrapped presents at any of our designated drop-off points. These will then be collated before sending to migrant workers at their worksites and dormitories.

Here's our wishlist of BRAND NEW items: Towels, power banks, bluetooth headphones, Tiger Balm or similar. Toiletries such as body wash and shampoo, umbrellas, raincoats, backpacks, 1.5L water bottles, kettles, hot plates, caps, sunglasses, socks, dried fruit and nuts, 3-1 coffee, energy bars, chocolates and biscuits.

Click here for the list of locations where you can drop off as well as corresponding timings.

2. Donate wrapping paper for our Wrap Party

Please donate gift wrapping material such as wrapping paper, ribbons or dried flowers or any other gift wrapping items. 

Please also consider sustainable options such as magazines or newspapers so we are as green in our efforts as possible

Click here for more info on how to do that

3. Join us at our Wrap Party

Donate time and your hands to help wrap gifts at our inspIRRe store. Feel free to express your artistic flair to personalise presents with doodles and handwritten messages to thank workers for their service.

Sign up here to be part of Santa's Elves.

For more information, please check out our FAQ page

4. Be a Christmas Santa or Reindeer

Dress up as Santa Claus at our Wrap Party at inspIRRe or at our scheduled distributions.

Sign up here to be a Santa @ inspIRRe

Sign up here to deliver presents to worksites as Santa's Reindeers. 

For more information, please check out our FAQ page. 

5. Donate directly to our fundraiser

You may also choose to donate to us. These funds donated are used to purchase gifts for migrant workers, which are essential items for migrant workers.

Please donate to our fundraising campaign here.

Please visit our FAQ page to know more!

Please email us at christmas@itsrainingraincoats.com otherwise if you have further queries.