A Social Distancing Pattern

A social distancing pattern for safe and beautiful spaces

Maypop is a free to use dimensioned pattern stencil created by opossum

to help beautifully maintain social distance

In this time of crisis we want the marks we make for safety to stay beautiful long after we need them

We have been inspired by the maypop flower in all its hot, humid, summery glory

to create a pattern that can be used by anyone to visually denote safe social distancing

E-mail us below for a free digital stencil file

If you use maypop we ask that you take photos and tag us on instagram @itsopossumtime

opossum is open to consult on more permanent or custom installations and designs

How Maypop Works


The Maypop pattern blooms from a single 3 foot by 3 foot petal stencil


Use the petal to make 6 foot diameter blooms to denote safe social distancing


Maypop's possibilities are endless and can easily merge from petals to blooms to wall graphics for design cohesion

Maypop + You

Use Maypop to make your public and commercial spaces beautiful and sife in this time of crisis

A Simple Stencil

Get Maypop!

Download the stencil in PDF here

Download the stencil in DWG here

Email or

for any questions or requests

The Maypop design is ©202o by Opossum LLC

and licensed under a CC BY-NC 4.0 License

What is Opossum?

Opossum is a woman-and minority owned New Orleans based design studio

We specialize in arts related projects with a diverse set of clients

including Solange Knowles, Mañanaland Gallery, and The Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute

We self-initiate sculptural and graphic immersive installation projects

the latest of which (Summer Amplifiers) was shortlisted for the Beam Center Beam Camp 2020 Project.