Manifesto nuovo erasmus.pdf

The project has a duration of two years, involving 6 European schools:

Romania (coordinating school), Italy, Cyprus, France, Portugal and Hungary.

The chosen topic intends to make

participants reflect on some current global issues, such as human rights, especially the rights of young people, the fight

against stereotypes and prejudices and the promotion of tolerance and inclusion.

Students will develop different aspects of these themes and their products, digital and otherwise, will be shown during the

meetings in the schools involved, they will work together online through the eTwinning platform, in a parallel project that

will allow them to stay in touch, even when they are in their own classes.

One of the objectives of the project is to reflect on the promotion of the rights of disabled people,

Promotion of Tolerance and Diversity, the Right to Human Development, the Fight against

gender discrimination, the Promotion of Women's Rights and Education, Children and Adolescents' Rights, the Right to

Live in a Healthy Environment.

The teachers, who will follow the students along this path, believe that human rights are democratic values which go

along with essential social and civic competences, for this reason young European citizens must be equipped with the

right knowledge and skills to participate in the life of modern society.

In this way young people will be able to acquire awareness on these issues, acquiring the tools that

will help them to become responsible European citizens and open to diversity, without

fearing those who are different from themselves but rather by living diversity as an enrichment and an added value in

one's own life experience, as the slogan of Europe recalls: United in Diversity.

Other objectives will be promoting digital competence, linguistic competence through the use

of the English language to communicate with partners; the ability to work in a group even in an international context

(during meetings in various schools); the ability to solve problems, the ability to adaptation and personal growth both in

hosting foreign partners and during overseas mobility.