About Us

Since our commencement in 2003, the U of M ITE Student Chapter has been a Student Chapter of great excellence. Member involvement plays a major role when planning comprehensive programs for each successive year, and we continue to show great enthusiasm by planning over 50 events per year. Our Student Chapter is primarily focused on professional development and in advancing the education of our Chapter members. We also strive to improve transportation safety and awareness in our community through various public service activities. We are involved in four main areas: (1) technical activities, (2) professional involvement, (3) public service, and (4) social events and fundraisers.

We strive to foster a spirit of professionalism within our members by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow within the field of transportation engineering. Such opportunities include providing students with funded conference opportunities, hosting web seminars and guest speaker presentations, and organizing various technical tours. In addition to professional development-related activities, members of our Student Chapter also perform community service together, such as the Annual Christmas Cheer Board Drive and teaching road safety skills to children.

All together, our undergraduate and graduate students, along with our advisory faculty members, form an energetic and enthusiastic group who continue to pursue their interests collectively within the field of transportation engineering. The Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) has recognized the passion and enthusiasm of our Chapter members by awarding our group with the Best Student Chapter Annual Activities Award 13 times out of the past 16 years. For the years 2013 and 2018, ITE International has recognized our Chapter by awarding the Student Chapter Award that recognizes the Best International Student Chapter for the year to the UofM ITE. Twice, the award has been given outside of the US, and we are the only Canadian university to win the award.

To become involved within our Student Chapter, register using this form. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Student Chapter Executive at president@iteumanitoba.ca.

You can find our official Student Chapter Constitution here!