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iTeach Schools runs free and high-impact secondary schools and a college-to-career program for the most disadvantaged students of Pune and PCMC. Like many Indian cities, the public education systems only go up to Grade VII, leading to the poorest students being unable to finish their schooling. In 2022, with a staff of 200 members across nine schools, we served 2500 students and 1800 alumni - giving students a fighting chance at college, career, and citizenship. We aim to grow to thirty schools across five cities in the next five years.


A critical element of transformational schools - those that promise to put students from the most disadvantaged families onto a fundamentally different life path - is a contextual, culturally-relevant, and rigorous curriculum. Our in-house Curriculum Team builds and refines this for all our schools. The iTeach Room of Requirement is the result of their years of hard work - trying to empower teachers with a plug-and-play toolkit.


If you found our resources helpful, please contribute to their refinement and further development!


Each resource here attempts to be a plug-and-play tool for teachers in secondary schools. They comprise:

a) an annual teaching plan (long-term plan), and unit plans (long-term plan broken into four units)

b) lesson plans and worksheets for each objective

We will be adding assessments and trackers soon!

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We want to get better faster! Your feedback is valuable - what should we start, what should we continue, and what should we stop? If you find errors - sorry for those - please leave feedback around them as well!