Daniel Nemerow

Father, Husband, Son, Teacher, Coach, & Not So Undercover Nerd

Patriot High School Instructional Technology Coach Daniel Nemerow, has spent the past 19 years working to refine and enrich consciousness in young people of all abilities. From his years teaching in a school for students with emotional disabilities to his tenure as a math department chair in a comprehensive high school, Daniel has adjusted his approach to instruction and assessment based on his student's needs. Now, as Patriot's instructional leader for technology, Daniel is finding ways to broaden his impact on teachers and students alike.

As recipient of the VSTE Outstanding Teacher in 2014, and a nominee for the ISTE aware in the same year, Daniel has emerged as a leader among educators working to tap the potential of technology and online resources in making information available to students and, in turn, providing them a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge.

In a continuation of his own life-long learning and betterment, Daniel has become a Khan Academy Ambassador, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a Google Certified Educator.

A talented athlete and effective coach, Daniel understands the value of performance measures, feedback, multiple trials, and diverse opportunities for students to reflect on their work as they construct knowledge. He has taught an array of mathematics courses and has served as a case manager for students with disabilities.

A James Madison University graduate, Daniel received his Master’s degree in Special Education from George Mason University in 2007. Despite his responsibilities as a teacher, leader, and coach, Daniel is invariably available for tutorials and supports students in a variety of after-school and extracurricular activities and events. His commitment to education and athletics makes him a valued member of the Patriot High School community. Married 15 years to his wife, Daniel has three daughters and a son.