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My name is Carlos Alexander Murrocu and I am a web producer and publisher. I get paid to do what I love. My house has become a bed and breakfast for tourists. It’s a lifestyle choice. I really enjoy having a connection with guests every day. I want to create a super guest experience. I do not let anybody go without being very happy. It’s always pleasing if you can provide guests with a great holiday experience. I am quite new in the hotel business. I am trying to take small steps everyday. I try to be close to my guests and to make them comfortable to ask for whatever they like. I try to give the people a feeling of home. I want to make my guest feel unique and different. May I help you? My Online Presence is Just a Few Clicks Away.
  • Carlos Alexander Murrocu
    1. Fiscal Code: MRRCLS84T26Z509Y
    2. VAT Number (European Union): IT01372960524
    3. CCIAA - REA Number: SI - 142743
  • Register of Companies of Siena.
    1. Ateco Code: 55.20.51
    2. Ateco Code: 47.91.1
  • Address Location: Pienza (Siena) Corso Rossellino 97 zip code 53026 Italy
    1. Prevalent Activity: Bed and Breakfast Activities.
      1. B&B: Rossellino
      2. Holiday House: La Luna di Miele
    2. Secondary Activity: e.Commerce - Web Portals.
      1. e.Commerce
      2. Web Sites

Hello! My name is Carlos Alexander.

I Search websites for Hotels, B&B, Restaurants, Shops..

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About Me: Carlos Alexander Murrocu

  • Date and place of birth: December, 26, 1984. Guatemala City.
  • Education: Diploma in " accountancy " at the Technical Institute of Montepulciano 2003.
  • Academic degrees: Bachelors in " Mathematics and Computer Science " University of Siena 17/07/2008. The University of Siena is one of the oldest universities in Europe and has a great tradition in high level education, along with a strong commitment to research and innovation.
  • Tesi: Web Site dedicated to Tuscany usability and indexing in search engines.
  • Training: Information technology, IT Academy Milan, Rome, Florence, Siena.
  • Professional Activities: Accenture, Avanade, HP, Engineering. IT: Bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Alitalia Airline, Carabinieri military force.

Certifications & exams:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional & Technology Specialist - Web Developer, Microsoft .Net Framework, Web Applications, SQL Server Implementation and manteinance.
  • PET - The Preliminary English Test is one of the Cambridge English exams.
  • DELF - Diplome d'Etudes en langue française délivré par Ministère de l'Education nationale française.
  • ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence.
  • HACCP - Training Course for the owner of food businesses and responsible for self-control plans for complex food businesses.


  • Programming language: HTML XML XPATH XSLT JavaScript C# SQL ASP.NET
  • Web Marketing: SEO, Search engines submission, Advertising on Google, Social profile activation, YouTube Video, Advertising on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Preliminary analysis, International positioning, Progressive optimisation, Always up-to-date reports.
  • Databases: Tables Programmability, Stored Procedures, Table-valued Functions, Scalar-valued Functions.