VMware Licence

Follow these instructions to get a licence for VM Workstation or Fusion

11 March 2019 by Paul Bryant

If you are a student taking one of our IT programmes you are able to get a licence key for VMware for your study while enrolled. The licence is valid for 365 days after which it needs to be renewed. Your account is valid for 13 months after which it needs to be reactivated.

Access Gmail using your firstname.lastname@it.weltec.ac.nz. If you haven’t already accessed it the password is Weltec201x (where x is the last digit of the current year).

There should be a link in your mailbox to the VMstore where you need to finish the registration process by adding a password.

If the link does not exist in your mailbox, visit http://bit.ly/SOITvmware, please register (use your firstname.lastname@it.weltec.ac.nz as the username). If you receive a message saying that your account does not exist, email help@it.weltec.ac.nz