Sports & Athletics

Students in Grade 1 through Grade 12 have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports throughout the school year depending on their grade level, ability, interests and experience. Students are encouraged to try out for sports as the purpose of the program is to provide healthy recreational opportunities which promote pleasant and sometimes challenging experiences that compliment academic pursuits. Physical fitness is also linked to improved academic achievement according to a study by researchers in West Virginia University*.

Students are welcome to try out a sport even if they have not played it before and once students are part of a sports team, they are encouraged to be committed by attending all practices and competitions. This helps build positive habits such as team spirit and good sportsmanship.

Students will also have the chance to represent the school and compete in inter-school, district and state-level sporting events as and when they occur.

Sports practice and Physical Education classes will be conducted either in the school sports facilities, outdoors or outside sports facilities such as the Darul Makmur Stadium and Pahang Sports Complex (SUKPA). Transportation for the students will be provided by the school.

Sports activities that are offered to students include but is not limited to:

  • Table tennis (School facilities)
  • Badminton (School facilities)
  • Handball (School facilities)
  • Basketball (School facilities)
  • Volleyball (School facilities)
  • Futsal (School facilities)
  • Tennis (School facilities)
  • Swimming (SUKPA)
  • Track and field (Stadium)


* Cottrell et al. (2010). Students' physical fitness associated with academic achievement; organized physical activity. Proceedings of the American Heart Association's 2010 Conference on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism