Inspiring Virtual Learning @ ISG Jubail

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year and welcome to ISG Jubail's Virtual Learning website. Whether physical or virtual, the ISG community is dedicated to the mission, "We inspire innovation and compassionate action".

On this site you will find information about how our community will engage around this mission even when our physical school is closed. We enthusiastically embrace this opportunity to untether ourselves from the confines of the traditional school schedule and explore innovative ways to inspire students virtually.

This site represents version 4.0 of our virtual school program. For many years we practiced a short-term Virtual School 1.0 appropriate for a single day's disruption. We implemented a long-term version 2.0 in spring 2020, and a full year of virtual school 3.0 in 2020-2021. It was based on our annual practice and the experience of colleagues in Asia. Combining our learning from last year with feedback from stakeholders and best practice from around the globe, we now embark on Virtual School 4.0.

Across the top of this page you will find helpful links. Among these, you will find links entitled 'ES' and 'MS/HS' which will take you to pages that describe the expectations of students, teachers, and parents for each division of the school.

The link entitled 'Wellness' will take you to information that may be helpful for all members of our community during this stressful time. You will also find a wealth of other information about virtual learning.

While this is not a journey that any of us could have anticipated, we are confident that we can continue to inspire innovation and compassionate action together.

Yours Sincerely,

Brent Wingers

Head of School