Welcome to the Rosa Parks Media Center. The media center is open daily during school hours. All students visit the media center once a week for 50 minutes. While there, they learn about books, how to use the media center, research and technology skills, and digital citizenship, as well as check out books to bring home with them.

All grades, except for kindergarten, can check out two books at a time. They may have the books for two weeks and renew at that time if they are not finished. Kindergarten starts out the year checking out one book at a time for one week, and move onto checking out two books after Winter break.

Once a library book becomes overdue, students are not allowed to check out additional materials until the overdue item is returned.


To build foundational skills in problem solving, information literacy, inquiry, collaborating, and digital citizenship to prepare for a changing world.

Mrs. Giesen

The Media Center is open daily from 8-2:30. I meet with all students for one, 50 minute class each week. The media curriculum in the Mankato Area Schools emphasizes reading/literature enrichment, technology skills, research skills and the design process.

Book Care Tips

Keep books clean and dry.
Do not color or draw in your books.
Keep away from younger siblings.
No food or drinks around your books.
Keep your books away from pets.
Read with clean hands.

Library Days

Day 1Ms. Hassig, Mrs. Chatleain, Mrs. Brage, Mrs. Mueller Day 2Ms. Molenaar, Mrs. Engel, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Gore, Mrs. CoonDay 3Mrs. Nickels, Mrs. Kingston, Mrs. Carleton, Mr. BlaslDay 4Mrs. Levandowski, Mrs. Modrow, Mrs. Malwitz, Mrs. SwaffordDay 5Mrs. Ekstrom, Mrs. Elias, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Bleick, Mrs. Seppman