The Otaknam: Mankato West's Yearbook

Information about the Otaknam:

The Mankato West High School yearbook titled Otaknam is the original publication for Mankato High School before it was divided into East and West. Our collection and tradition of yearbooks date back to 1915, and while some things have changed since then, our drive to put together a collection of memories for students has remained constant.

The Otaknam is an entirely student-led publication. Students work to pay tribute to the events, students, and experiences of their peers at Mankato West. With that being said, there are always going to be some mistakes in any type of student publication. We hope that you are able to look at the greatness of the bigger picture rather than the smaller details that might not be perfect.

We appreciate your support, patience, and contributions to our yearbook.


The Mankato West Yearbook Staff