Unleash the Innovation

Becker Schools is proud to introduce Becker Innovates, the next big step for our district’s innovation culture. Becker Innovates is an ongoing crowdsourced innovation program that draws from our organization’s cognitive resources to create innovative solutions that address the opportunities that exist within the Becker School district.

Our second big innovation event took place this fall when we launched the “Big Dog Challenge”. Ideation took place from September 25th - October 5th. The pairwise phase took place October 9th - October 18th.

We asked the staff to help identify opportunities for improvement and then to propose their ideas.

2017- 2018 Big Dog Challenge

Extra Recess Presentation.mov

Increased Recess Time

ALiCE Training Presentation.pptx

Alice Training Program

Outdoor Learning Space

Outdoor Learning Spaces

April 24, 2018 Update

The 2017 Big Dog Challenge teams have been busy. The teams have completed the design thinking process and developed MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). Click on the "three idea links" below to learn more.

21st Century learning at BMS
Big Dog Challenge
Big Dog Challenge Rollout Ready
Becker Innovates