RAHS Registration


Social Studies

  • Please follow this link for updated course numbers for Social Studies



  • AP Computer Science A

Industrial Technology

  • Drone/UAS
  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced Construction Trades: Framing to Finish


  • Math for Trades


  • Beginning Band
  • Popular Music/Garage Band

World Language

  • Arabic III

Social Studies

  • American History through an African-American Lens

RAHS REGISTRATION WEEK (January 11 - January 25)

RAHS begins the Registration process on January 11th and will continue to provide students with time and information regarding their registration until they turn their forms in on January 25th. Please see the timeline below for more specific information.

  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 11th: Students will have time in their 2nd period during FLEX time to discuss course options related to the class they are in with their teacher as well as search the website for other information. Thursday evening is the Registration and Curriculum Fair from 4:00-7:00. During this time, students and their families will have access to staff to discuss questions. In addition, there will be presentations on the registration options for 9th grade students and on PSEO options.
  • JANUARY 12th - JANUARY 24th: Students will have the opportunity to speak with their teachers regarding course options, recommendations and questions during FLEX time.
  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 25th: Students will complete their final registration form and turn them in during 2nd period FLEX time.