RAHS Registration


Arabic for Arabic Speakers (Grades 9-12)

Arabic for Arabic Speakers is a course designed for students who already speak the Arabic language with fluency, but who would like to continue their study of the language in academic and social contexts. Instruction will be highly interactive, and students will communicate daily with one another on a range of topics including Arabic literature, art, history, and current events including popular culture. This unique and challenging course will prepare students for both college and job opportunities!

Connections 11

The 11th grade Connections elective course is designed for students who have gone through the 9th and 10th grade connections program. The course will focus on academic and personal goals with topics that will include skills for school success. Students will participate in a variety of occupational learning experiences and postsecondary/career exploration opportunities.

Multicultural Approaches to Education (Grades 11-12)

This course will aid you in developing a cohesive curriculum philosophy that reflects your beliefs and values and in assembling an extensive repertoire of instructional strategies, tools, and resources designed to foster increased student power, achievement, and equity in education for all students. You will examine research-based instructional strategies for successfully meeting the varying needs of students from ethnically, ability, culturally, socioeconomically and linguistically diverse groups. You will participate in nontraditional pedagogical models in order to evaluate differences in pedagogy and the effectiveness of successful cooperative learning.

Tutoring Students in Urban Contexts (Grades 11-12)

Interested in becoming an AVID trained tutor as a possible employment option for post-high school? Under the direction and supervision of an AVID elective teacher, AVID tutors will learn how to facilitate student tutorial groups through a 10-step inquiry process. This course will include the 16 hours of mandatory tutor training and provide additional opportunities to practice hands-on tutoring skills within content classes throughout the district.

RAHS Class Registration 2019 - 2020

(January 7 - January 25)

RAHS begins the registration process on January 7 and will continue to provide students with time and information regarding their registration until they complete their registration on January 25. Please see the timeline below for more specific information.

  • Week of Jan 7: Students will have time in their 2nd period during RAIDER Time to access registration information and will receive registration handouts.
  • Thursday evening January 10 is the Ready for RAHS! event from 5:00-7:00 p.m. During this time, students and their families will have access to staff to discuss questions. In addition, there will be presentations for incoming 9th grade students about registration options and for upper class students about PSEO options.
  • JANUARY 14 - JANUARY 18: Students will have the opportunity to speak with their teachers regarding course options, recommendations and questions.
  • JANUARY 23, 24 or 25: Students will complete their registration on Student VUE during their 2nd hour during RAIDER Time.

How to register on Student VUE using your iPad