Personalized Professional Development


What is a Personalized Professional Development Day? Staff are provided with a window of time to complete personalized professional development with an educational focus of distance and hybrid learning, as well as participate in professional development germane to license and instruction.

Personalized Professional Development Day Outcome: Teachers will select online training / webinars germane to their license as it applies to instruction in a distance or hybrid learning environment and use these hours to count toward a traditional professional development day. This can include ways to conduct synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Where to get Personalized Professional Development? The Director of Teaching and Learning, Administration, Instructional leaders, and Technology Integrationist will also share webinars/training under Pine City Public School webpage > Staff Links > Personalized Professional Development. Under the Personalized Professional Development page, select OPTIONS and there is a live list updated regularly with webinars/subscription training to meet your individual needs.

In addition, a menu of subscription services and technology options titled: Distance Learning Tools: The Basic Collection: G-Suites and Synergy are also under OPPORTUNITIES and contain videos based on current tools we are already using that teachers just 'dabbled' in March-May. These videos will be available to deepen your understanding. We recognize many of the subscription services we have purchased in the past may also have new innovative features which they offer webinars for. Individual sessions with the Technology Integrationist will also be available for training sessions on September 3, 2020 in personalized professional development is not something you choose to participate in. Pine City Technology Integrationist will coordinate the technology menu training for those smaller groups of staff.

One last note, we understand many staff receive notifications from a variety of professional organizations of free webinars and virtual meetings which you can also attend before September 3, 2020 (NCTM, Economics, NCSS, NSTA, etc). Therefore, tracking and evidence will be important in personalized professional development.

Steps for participating in Personalized Professional Development Process:

  1. Staff complete Prior Approval Form for the building administration obtaining prior approval to participate if the training is not listed on the OPPORTUNITIES webpage tab or Distance Learning Tools: The Basic Collection: G-Suites and Synergy.

  2. Staff attend webinar / training.

  3. Final step: Staff must submit one Completion form and link any certificates of completion received on or before September 2, 2020.

  4. The window for completion of Personalized Professional Development could be from August 3, 2020 to September 2, 2020.