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Pine City High School was established in 1910, although the first graduating class from what is now Pine City High School was June 1, 1903, (the newly constructed Webster School). When the school was first built, many children who lived outside the city of Pine City attended local country schools and then in their later grades attended PCHS. (Wikipedia)


Ed Briesemeister,

Class of 1966

My name is Ed Briesemeister, PCHS class of ’66. It was a very good time to be young. The job market for Baby Boomers was very strong; and many companies were willing to train new staff (in contrast to today’s market where few employers will provide training). When I was 18, I had my own summer truck route for the Coca Cola Bottling plant in Pine City. The 60’s was a whole different world from what quickly followed—the Digital Age that started with cell phones and personal computers, then led us to the present saturation with electronics and social media. Everything today is technical. It must be clear by now that education is an absolute necessity, whether you are a heavy equipment operator, 3D printer operator, lawyer, programmer, engineer, nurse, plumber or accountant. Education must be in your blood by the time you are in high school—because education today means that you are constantly learning to keep pace in whatever trade or profession you pursue. Education is an attitude, not a set of facts. In high school, do your best to take electives that you find engaging rather than just filling out your schedule. For example, I was lucky to take accounting and typing in high school, both skills that served me well in college and later working with a PC. There is nothing ‘traditional’ left standing in our cultural landscape except to be honest with yourself, alert for opportunities and have sufficient knowledge to perceive and capture those opportunities. Knowledge, in my view, is a combination of facts, experience and a network of people you can trust. Working toward goals is essential to give structure to whatever type of career you seek. However, today agility is also critical to sense the direction of change and make the right moves at the right time. Changes might be general economic factors or simply be political shifts in the organization where you work. My mother’s motto—still on her refrigerator door—says “If you can’t have what you want, change your mind.” Most of us know what we want, but it takes education to understand when it’s time to change your mind.

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