Pine City Public Schools

Food & Nutrition Services

We Want YOU to Join Us for Breakfast and Lunch.

Meal Prices

Breakfast - $1.40

Elementary Lunch - $2.20

Jr./Sr. High Lunch - $2.45

Adult Breakfast - 2.25

Adult/Guest & 2nd Meal Lunch Price - 4.95

Milk - .50

The mission of Pine City School’s Food & Nutrition Services is to provide quality and nutritious meals to students, faculty, and staff that appeal to the growing diversity within the school district, and also contribute to the cognitive development of the students. We will create a menu that fulfills the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program requirements and meets each student’s dietary needs. Our goal is to empower students to develop life-long behaviors in choosing healthy foods.

As the 2022-2023 school year begins, families will again be charged for school meals. Pine City School District encourages families to continue to take advantage of the convenient, nutritious, quality and cost-friendly school meals.

Pine City Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services

  • Hosts school nutrition events with themes & activities to engage students.

  • Features taste testing of new food items and student voting.

  • Invites parents and grandparents to join their children for lunch.

  • Serves as a resource for nutrition education in the classroom.

  • Strives to include students in the menu-planning process.