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Math IS Everywhere!  Your future is SO Bright we have to wear shades-  

This year's 6th Grade homeroom is with Mrs. Lundquist.  Ms. Anderson will be team teaching with her.  Ms Anderson will be teaching 5/6 Language Arts, 6th grade Social Studies and 5th grade Science.  Mrs. Lundquist will be teaching 5/6 Math, 6th grade Science and 5th grade Social Studies.  We can't wait to get our classrooms experiencing and learning all around our great school facility!  We are always working very diligently to provide a safe and engaging learning experience for each of our students.  

Grade 6  2023-2024  

Lundquist Student’s Schedule

8:10-8:14    Good morning -enter School

8:15-8:20   Prepare for the day

8:20-8:30         Morning Meeting

8:30-9:55       LANG. ARTS (Anderson)  

10:00-11:20    MATH (Lundquist)  

11:25-12:10   Lunch Recess

12:20-1:20    M, T, Th Science (Lundquist) : Social Studies (Anderson) 

12:50-1:50    W, F    "                 "         "                 "

*12:20-1:30  *Specialists: (SEL 1:20-1:50 Mon), (Band 1:50-2:15), (Music 12:20-12:45 W &F) (Chinese Thurs 1:45-2:15)

1:50-2:15    Study Hall/AR (M,W,F)   (1:25-1:50 T,Th)

2:15-2:40  WIN  (Focus groups- math and language)

2:45-3:10       PE 

Dismissal:   3:12 p.m

Sidewalk math-

finding area and

 perimeter using 

a variety of tiles 

with different side lengths.