Co-Curricular Activities


  Mission:  To encourage participation in a wide variety of rigorous co-curricular programs which complement and support a challenging academic curriculum while developing students, character, cooperation, and perseverance. 

Vision:  Battle Lake co-curricular programs will be the model of excellence in the eyes of students, staff, parents and other communities.  Guided and grounded by our core beliefs, we expect and demand the best we have to offer.

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Core Beliefs:

* We believe students are our highest priority.

* We will honor and respect the dignity and worth of all participants.

* We believe academic priorities must come before participation in co-curricular activities.

* We believe all co-curricular programs have equal value.

* We believe open communication, mutual respect, and support among participants, parents, and coaches/advisors provide the

   foundation of a successful program.

* We believe success is an attitude resulting from optimum preparation, concentrated effort, and a deep commitment to excel.

Core Goals:

* Develop our youth into outstanding citizens.

* Teach values, promote character, integrity, and sportsmanship.

* Emphasize the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

* Teach our youth how to handle challenges and deal with pressure.

* Develop in our youth skills to handle success with grace and failure with resolve.