John Adams
Distance Learning

Intro to Distance Learning

Staff Availability

Despite our students being in a distance learning situation, the school is open during normal business hours. Phones will be answered and staff will be available from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Most teachers are working from home because the district School Age Child Care program is at JA. Email is the best way to contact teachers.

Need to reach a teacher - Click on the appropriate Grade Level link above to find the teacher's Distance Learning Info page. Their contact information will be there.

Need to schedule an appointment, have a password reset, speak with office staff or an administrator - call 507-328-5700

Need to find info that was sent out - check out our website at or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @johnadamsms1

Every Day Students Need To:

  1. Check your daily schedule. Is it a 1A, 2A, 1B or 2B day?

  2. Check your email for any updates from your teachers (sign in with account)

  3. Access your Google Classroom to check for updates

  4. Access your Google meet through the link in Google Classroom a few minutes before class starts

Schedules and Calendars

Access Materials and Teachers

Distance Learning Expectations

*Access your Google Classrooms. You've already been invited, just join!

*Keep up to date with your school Gmail. Delete things you don't need! Set it up through the mail app on the ipad or use the online browser at

*Get to your "class" on time. The Google Meet starts at the beginning of the hour. Make sure you're not tardy.

*When posting responses that others can see, please use school appropriate language and stick to the topic.

*Communicate with your teachers if you do not understand something. Use their email or phone numbers posted on their pages. (See the grade level links at the top of the page). Teachers will be online the entire class period. Check back if you have questions or need clarification.

*When in a Google Meet please show your face. You are new to your teachers. They want to get to know you and match names to faces so when we come back face to face they will know who you are.

*If you turn something in that you want to redo, no problem. This is just like regular school. Fix it up and resubmit. Make sure you talk to your teacher first to get good feedback on how you can improve.

*Stuck on something? Need tech help? Call the school at 328-5700. We can help or make an appointment with someone who can!

Social Emotional Learning

All students K-8 in the district participate in social emotional learning lessons through Second Step. Here is our calendar of topics for each grade that will be taught during advisory.

Week of February 1

All Grades - It Gets Better, So Start Talking

Week of February 8

Week of February 15

Week of February 22

Week of February 28