Food Service

School meals are a vital source of nutrition for many students. We are committed to providing meals to students during this school closure.

Friday, April 10 and Monday, April 13 were scheduled holidays for our staff. There will be no meal delivery available on those dates.

Be assured that our Food & Nutrition staff are reviewing illness policies, reinforcing proper hand-washing techniques, limiting visitors, and ensuring that food preparation sites are thoroughly cleaned. All employees who prepare food and assist in food service wear masks and gloves.

Meals will be available AT NO CHARGE to children 18 years of age and under or persons over 18 years of age who are determined by a state or local public educational agency to be mentally or physically handicapped. Meals will be provided at all of District #318’s school buildings without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability.

Independent School District #318 is organizing school meal deliveries to households ¾ of a mile and further from any 318 school.

If you are interested in receiving delivery, please complete this form.

Meals will also be provided on a daily basis for pick-up in each school building entryway for families who prefer to pick up student meals.

  • Grab and Go breakfast and lunch will be available at Bigfork School, Cohasset Elementary, Forest Lake Elementary, Murphy Elementary, Southwest Elementary, RJEMS, and GRHS.

  • Meals will be available for pick-up in the school building entryway from 11:00-11:30 am, Monday through Friday, following the 2019-2020 student school calendar.

  • Students may receive breakfast and lunch at the school building closest to their residence even if they are not enrolled in that building.

  • Students or families picking up meals are not allowed to eat inside the school.

ISD 318 students who are registered for childcare services will receive meals.

Please continue to check emails and listen to district phone calls as this information may change.