Music Department


Free lessons

The Grand Marais Music Collaborative is offering free lessons to Cook County students. The website is linked here:

When you get to their website, select "Youth Music Program" and fill out the application for lessons. It is open to all band members 5th grade and up.

Instrument Donations

We are currently looking for donations of used or new band instruments to outfit our students: Clarinets, Flutes, Alto Saxophones, Trumpets, and Trombones

If you would rather donate funds for us to purchase used instruments, they may be brought to the office and specified for the band department.


Cook County Schools currently has beginning 5th grade band (Jr. Viking Band), 6th grade band (Viking Band), combined 7th and 8th grade band (Concert Band) and combined 9-12 grades band (Symphonic Band). Students in the Symphonic Band are also expected to participate in the Pep Band, which plays for home games throughout the year.

Elementary Music

Students at Sawtooth Elementary participate in general music education from grades K-4. In 4th grade students get to choose instruments for their first year of band in 5th grade.


Cook County Schools currently has two choirs. Combined 6-8 grades Choir and combined 9-12 grades choir.