Donations: Tools and Supplies

Below is a list of tools and supplies needed for our Mechanical Masterminds. If you are able to donate any of these items, please email We sincerely appreciate any contributions.

Tools (Amount Needed)

crimping tool 15,30,40 amp

Tool Crimp 10"


pro-crimp tool

quick grips (4)

c clamps (4)

battery tester

set of picks

drill adapters 1/4'' 3/8'' 1/2''

pvc cutter

claw hammer

rubber mallet

dead blow mallet

25 ft tape measure


combination wrench 300mm

files (2)

riveters (2)

16-26 wire stripper (4)

6-12 wire stripper (2)

metric allen key

standard allen key


coping saw

needle nose pliers (2)

slip lock medium (2)

slip lock small (2)

vice grips (4)

lineman piler (2)

side cutter (4)

utility knife metal

teflon tape (2)

bolt and gear wrenchs 3/8''-5/8'' 12-16mm

combination tri square

screw driver set

3m electrical tape

drill bit set

sheers left right straight

snappering pliers internal and external

table vice

q tips

sprocket set 21-27mm 5/16'' 1 1/8'' 9-19mm 3/8-7/8''

extenders 3/8''

battery clean up kit

rubber electrical gloves