Past Activities

Past Labs

  • Fluorescing Chlorophyll Lab from Flinn Scientific
    • In this lab, we separated chlorophyll from spinach, centrifuged it, and watched it glow red under a black light. We learned how to properly use a centrifuge, what energy levels are, and how colors work.
  • Pig Dissection
  • Titration Lab
    • In this lab, we mixed different chemicals until the color of the mixture turned from clear to pink to determine the concentration of the unknown substance.
  • Bioplastics Lab
    • In this lab, we made milk plastic (from its protein, casein) out of milk and vinegar, as well as starch plastic out of corn starch, sugar, and vinegar. We learned what a plastic is, the pros and cons of bioplastics, the different types of bioplastics, and how plastics harm the environment.
  • Designing a Hand Warmer Lab
  • CSI Blood Typing Lab
  • Homemade Soap Making
    • In this lab, we used lye, olive oil, distilled water, and various herbs and essential oils to make soap. We learned how to use lye and the safety precautions needed to work with it.
  • Gel Electrophoresis
  • Painting With Pendulums
    • In this activity, we put paint in a water bottle with a hole poked in the top with evenly spaced holes to hang the water bottle from. We then put canvases under the pendulums to get interesting patterns.