Mrs. Ottinger


February 20, 2018

In HR this week we will learn more about types of peer pressure and methods used to put pressure on peers. Students will work collaboratively to create a skit to demonstrate understanding (and to entertain peers)!

We will finish our read-aloud entitled A Long Walk to Water. This is based on a true story.

The book fair will begin this week.

Conferences are this week and next.

February 12, 2018


Students may bring in Valentines and hand them out on February 12, 13, and 14. Valentines will be opened on February 14 before we depart for Skateville.

Return Skateville permission slips and $8 for the cost of the trip.

On Friday, Feb. 16, 4th graders need a bag lunch and beverage from home because they will be attending the Kindness Retreat in the Chan Rec. Center, hosted by Youth Frontiers and aided by local high school students.

The 5th graders will have a visit to MIddle School West, but only for a short time in the morning. Everyone in grade 5 should attend, even if they will not be attending West. This is a good chance to get a feel for what a middle school setting is like.

Our read aloud is called A Long Walk to Water. Ask your student what this book is about. They might mention the connection to a Super Bowl ad; in the ad, the narrator mentioned that some people walk up to six hours each day for water. One of the characters in this book does that.